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I'm Feeling 'Kinda Pink' Collection

BeautyGoddess™ Rose Quartz Face Massager/Slimming ToolBeautyGoddess™ Rose Quartz Face Massager/Slimming Tool
BeautyGoddess™ Oral Irrigator Dental Wash DeviceBeautyGoddess™ Oral Irrigator Dental Wash Device
  • Your Smart Eye Massager..

    Stimulates the acupuncture points around the eyes & accelerates blood circulation, reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity. If you use it for fifteen minutes every day, it can also help eliminate eye bags and dark circles caused by insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation.

  • Your Rose Quartz Roller..

    Eliminates under-eye bags and puffiness for good. The roller stimulates the lymphatic system by activating the lymph nodes located under the eyes and helping them to drain effectively.  When the lymph nodes drain effectively, toxins are removed from the skin, and excess fluid is carried out with it. The result is eyes that look awake and refreshed, never puffy, baggy or tired.

  • Your Anti-Aging 5 in 1 Massager...

    Activates the skin and enhance the skin elasticity, which will make the skin look smooth. R/F stimulates the skin to shrink immediately, so that the collagen continues to renew, achieving the effect of firming and wrinkle-reducing.

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